Brahehus polkagriskokeri

In our candy stick bakery, right next to the restaurant, we follow the tradition.
Making candy sticks is a real craft that requires their knowledge and finesse.

Welcome to take part in the goodies!

Opening hours

Everyday 08.00-20.00


The candy stick - a good piece of Swedish history

Amalia Eriksson, newly widowed in 1859, had to support herself and her daughter in some way.
Amalia applied to run a company to produce “finer sweets”. Then the candy stick was born. Gränna was on the map!

A beautiful craft

If you visit us during the summer you have the opportunity to view the production of candy sticks and also taste a completely freshly baked candy stick – unbeatable!
During the rest of the year we keep our production going during the weekends, so if you have the roads past feel free to contact us and ask if we bake.
Feel free to ask more about the history of the candy stick – we are happy to talk about it.

In addition to our own candy sticks we sell candies of all kinds.
Among other things from: Narr choklad, Haupt lakrits, Kolsvart, Ryfors konfektyrer, Grännaknäcke, Börslycke gård, Rawchokladfabriken.


Bake your own candy sticks!

Do you want to arrange a corporate event, a birthday party or similar? Get in touch and we will plan an experience with the candy stick in focus.